24v V6 4mo swap. parts advice please.

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Stuck on your VR6 swap? Ask away in here
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24v V6 4mo swap. parts advice please.

Postby chubbs_uk » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:10 am

I’ve had my mk2 for a few years now and this will be engine number 4.. it’s gone from 1.3 – ABF – 1.9TDI 1Z and I recently just picked up a 2.8 V6 24v to go in. I have done some research and collected parts but if anyone can help on the below or notice anything I have missed that would be great.

I currently have:
Engine, loom (fit for mk2) and ecu (de immobilized)
Hydro pedal box with mk4 electro pedal fabbed on.
VR6 gearbox
Rear VR6 engine mount
Corrado VR6 radiator
MK2 golf 8V digi fuel pump, lift pump and wiring
MK2 16v driveshaft’s
02J Shifter and tower

Parts I have ordered:
Corrado VR6 water pipes
Mk3 VR6 flywheel
Mk3 ABF sub frame (from a friend)

Advice on the below:
Gearbox mounts? Normal 02A mounts, can use the ones I have on my 1.9 TDI 02A gearbox?
Front cross member. Does the mk2 one work or do I need a Corrado VR6 one?
Starter motor. Will my 1.9TDI one be sufficient?
Fans, twin slim line 12” be ok?
Exhaust manifold – I have been trying to get hold of dub power for a few days now with no luck, is there anywhere else that can help me?
What clutch should I be looking at that won’t break the bank?
Air intake, think I’m just going to silicone hose and air filter
Think that’s about it, hopefully all will go smoothly.

Thanks in advance

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