MkII VR6 Transplant FAQ

Reference section containing guides and write-ups on the different aspects of the conversion process

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MkII VR6 Transplant FAQ

Postby narrow.angle.six » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:33 pm

Full credit goes to various people on the tex mostly smokinjoe644/speedracer211 (who, if you ever have a problem you should contact first. he does swaps almost every weekend). I just compiled all of this information in one place.

After reading through many vortex and mk2vr6 pages, I’ve decided to try and compile a list of helpful swap information and links. I must say that I personally, did not complete my swap. However, I helped with some of the tasks and my brother and I have been working on this car non-stop. Believe it or not, just like everyone else—we’re struggling. Surprise right!? So I figured I’d try and make this a bit easier and have all the swapping information in one place!

Donor Pieces:

**Passat parts refer to B3/B4 Platform cars unless noted otherwise**
From the front:
Front Cross members (motor mount half):

a)VR6 Corrado
b) 16V Passat *cannot use 2 piece aftermarket lower mount (ie T2s)?
c)VR6 Passat

Front Cross members (radiator half):
A )A2 original *works for A2 radiator ?
b) VR6 Corrado *works for G60/VR6 Corrado Radiator?
c) VR6 Passat *works for an A3 radiator but will need modifications ?
d) 16V Passat *works best for an A3 radiator setup

K-frame and A-arms:
a)Corrado VR6?
b)A3 VR6 *plus suspension extra 1" wide on each side?
c)A3 2.0L *will need VR6 mount for rear

All can be used A2/A3/Corrado?**must match tie rods and axles with A-arms used

Steering rack:
All can be used A2/A3/Corrado/Passat ?**must match tie rods to A-arms used

All can be used A2/A3/Corrado/Passat?** must match struts to spindles (there are different widths)

Axles:?*driveshaft choice is dependent on which control arm / hub assembly is used, axle length and splines are different from 4 lug to 5 lug
a)any A2 100mm *4 lug?
b)Corrado G60 *4 lug?
c)A3 2.0L *4 lug?
d)A3 VR6 *5 lug?
e)Corrado VR6 *5 lug

(axle length between 4 lug and 5 lug are identical, the outer CV joint is the only difference. the only exception to this again is passat.)

Brake Booster Bracket:
a)Corrado VR6 NON-abs *will work with any non abs A2 booster or ANY A3 booster?
b)Corrado G60 NON-abs *will work with any non abs A2 booster or ANY A3 booster?
c)Passat 16V NON-abs *will work with any non abs A2 booster or ANY A3 booster?
d)Corrado ABS *will only work with Corrado or Passat ABS Units?
e)Passat ABS *will only work with Corrado or Passat ABS Units?**This bracket is needed to install the hydraulic clutch master cylinder

Brake Booster:
a)All will fit *depends on your choice of abs/non abs and rear drum/disk?
b)All NON-ABS boosters will fit on the Corrado/Passat NON-ABS bracket, the A3 boosters both ABS and NON ABS will also fit this bracket as well?**The A3 boosters will need to be modified to work with a Corrado pedal cluster

Brake Master Cylinder:
*Should be upgraded to a 22 or 23mm master if using either a rear disk conversion and or larger brakes from a Corrado or A3 VR6?*Match to your application, Corrado parts are a direct fit as well as A3 and Passat, depends on your brake choices
Steering column:
a)A2 column *requires U-joints from A3 to mount to A3 rack?
b)Corrado column *requires U-joints from A3 to mount to A3 rack?
c)A3 column *needs modification to install properly but can be fitted especially with a dash conversion?
d)Passat VR6 *some modification needed

Pedal Assembly:
a)Corrado VR6 *direct fit?
b)Corrado G60 *direct fit?
c)A3 *lots of modification needed but can be done?
d)Passat VR6 *direct fit

Clutch master:
a)Corrado VR6 *works with Corrado Passat bracket and pedal assembly?
b)Corrado G60 *works with Corrado Passat bracket and pedal assembly?
c)Passat 16V *works with Corrado Passat bracket and pedal assembly?
d)Passat VR6 *works with Corrado Passat bracket and pedal cluster?
e)A3 VR6 *works with A3 pedal assembly, can fit Corrado assembly with modifications

Heater/AC Box:
a)A2 *direct fit?
b)A3 *slight modifications needed but pretty much a direct fit?
c)Corrado *direct fit

AC lines:
a)Corrado VR6 lines *clean fit?
b)A3 VR6 lines *needs modification but can be used
Power Steering lines:
Should be matched with rack, A2 to A2, Corrado to Corrado and so on?** The corrado VR6 lines are the best fit

Brake lines:
a)A2 *match to rear brakes?
b)A3 *direct fit if using A3 booster and rear beam

Rear Beam:
a)A2 *direct fit?
b)A3 *direct fit?
c)Corrado *direct fit

All can be converted from drum to disk ?** remember to add the A3 rear beam if using Plus Suspension in the front**

Gas Tank:
a)A2 *direct fit best to use 16V fuel pump?
b)A3 VR6 *best to use A3 straps, direct fit

Fuel lines:
If you swap the A3 fuel tank the A3 lines are also a direct swap

Accelerator. Cable:
a)Corrado VR6 *direct fit to Corrado pedal cluster, but on an OBD2 engine swap you will need to adjust the bracket on the intake manifold by 1/2" toward the throttle body to have proper throttle response?
b)A3 VR6 *direct fit on A3 pedal cluster but can be used on a Corrado pedal cluster with the use of an A3 gas pedal?
c)Passat VR6 *with Passat pedal cluster

Cable Shifter:
a)A3 VR6 ?
b)Corrado VR6?
c)Passat VR6 *longer but can work

Early (two-plug CE1) golf/jetta clusters can be modified to work, you will need: One, an adapter harness made from the lower half of the vr6 cluster harness spliced to the two-plug early cluster harness (got all that?) This item can be purchased ready-made from Dean F at Futrell Autowerks. ?Two, you will need to drill a small hole in the back cover of the tach module - to access a variable resistor on the module, which will allow you to adjust the tach so it reads right with the vr6 coil signal.

Later CE2 clusters can be used if you purchase a tach module from Futrell. Converter boxes take the digital tach signal from the vr6 coil (couple tenths of a volt) and step it up into a signal the older tach can read. It's a lot easier to find a working CE2 cluster, so you may want to consider spending a little more up front.

Using the VR6 Cluster:
First off…The VR6 cluster is (in my opinion) a cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing cluster for the MkII VR6 swap. However, it doesn’t fit in the dash as nicely and it requires a bit of trimming. Not to mention a little more electrical work but if you have that fuse box out already there is no reason why you can’t do it!

Parts needed to complete the A3/VR6 cluster swap:

A3/VR6 cluster (can be obtained stateside from a great place called 1-800-VW-PARTS [see note below])
A3/VR6 cluster harness
OEM VW wire repair kit or a single wire with two female ends that clips into the empty fuse places

The wire jump needs to be made on the interior harness plugs at the fusebox. It is from one green plug to ther other. D8 needs to be jumped to E2. This will give the cluster power. The D plug is a 12 pin and the E is a 5 pin.

Purchase Tach Signal Converter Here

**VR6 cluster was purchased from 1-800-VW-PARTS**

Just an FYI – this place is no joke. It really exists and they have a ton of great parts and excellent prices. We snagged our A3/VR6 cluster + harness for 45 dollars. Amazing price if you ask me, consider what they charge on the vortex. The mileage is a bit off but its not really a huge problem. They are located in NY state and they only take C.O.D. However, they have darn near everything you would ever need. They have over 3,000 VW’s in their “yard”.

More will come in the near future but this is a pretty good start (I think).


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