207 vr6 jetta

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207 vr6 jetta

Postby hoylemk2 » Wed May 13, 2015 1:20 am

hey guys im new to the mk2 world and i just bought my 1990 jetta back. Someone swaped a aba into it and it runs very poor i really want to do a vr6 swap but so far i had to redo my interior because it was nasty. so as far as the vr swap i have gotten a corrado crossmember and g60 rad im working on geting a passat pedal cluster and throttle cable. My plan is to put a mk3 vr and trans with crossmember and all mk3 steering stuff . the only thing im confused on is i want to run non abs what booster and master should i run with a passat pedal cluster and what steering collumn should i use with mk3 steering rack ? thanks guys any help will be awsome.

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