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Hello Guys

Postby Browncow » Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:43 am

Hey all. I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jay and I have owned a few MK2's and intended to climb aboard here in a couple months as I have been trolling for a few years now..

I currently have a J plate 1990 MK2 driver (ce2) which I have had for nearly 8 years now, and a MK3 and a mk4 golf, the mk2 I will convert to a 20v and have been wanting too for as long as I have had it, now I am in a nice financial position to do it, I instead embarked on building a reef tank which has swallowed a couple grand already, so the MK2 is on hold, this was one of my main reasons for not joining any forums just yet, I want to bring the posts and threads when I have something valuable to share with everyone...

But I have been forced to call forth on my fellow dubbers at short notice, in the hopes that one of you kind people can help me dig myself out of a hole I have gotten myself in to!

I feel bad for joining up just to ask a few questions, as I am rushing for help here. I will raise a new post in the relevant section, but to give you an idea, I have swapped an engine into a friends mk3, out of a donor mk3 1800 driver, and armed with my enthusiasm and what I thought was a reasonable knowledge of CE2s plug-and-play-ness, I turn the key and hear no fuel pump, and things are just, well, wrong..

The laugh comes because I hoped to have it done in a couple days!


What a pilchard..

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