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Hello new here!

Postby Mk2mikee » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:01 am

Hello everyone my name is mike and ive got me a beautiful 1989 mk2 jetta that still has the 8v motor with the 3 speed auto in it and currently sitting in the waits is a vr6 from a 2001 jetta and i have aquired some of the parts i need im still short on parts and of course money hahaha. I have most of what i need i just still need axles and suspension and exhaust and i cant remember exactly right now what else but i knows its not much more. Im having trouble funding at this moment but am slowly building money. Need help figuring out what kind of axles to get. I know mk3 parts work on the swap i just want to know for sure. I plan on putting around 450hp as my finish goal so i want to build for that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you have a wonderful day!!

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