HI EVERYONE, just bought a mk2 golf vr6, any advice?

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HI EVERYONE, just bought a mk2 golf vr6, any advice?

Postby Movr6 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:46 pm

hi guys, I've just bought a mk2 golf vr6 (1989) and thought i'd introduce myself to everyone. i'm Mo from high Wycombe.

the car is in good nick from what I can see but unfortunately the previous owner lost all the paper work so I have no idea who did the conversion or what mods have been done.
from what I can see it has the following.
2.9 vr6 corrado engine
adjustable coilovers all around
induction kit
4pot breaks (I could be wrong about this)

I drove the car home from Bristol to high Wycombe and it drove fine without any problems, so mechanically I think its fine. also had the car service by my local garage today and asked him to give it a once over and he said the engine is running good and its not overheating or anything.

now for the bad bits. the car has a Clifford alarm and the central locking isn't working. no idea what the issue is. the car also has the original mk2 clocks in but the mfa isn't working and nor is the temp gauge.

the first place I'm going to start with is the electrics so if anyone could give me some pointers with how to sort the central locking out it would be great. also the temp gauge not working is a pain so any pointers on sorting that would be great.

ps, does anyone know of any good vw specialist who deal with the mk2 golf near high Wycombe?

thanks in advance guys.

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