VR6 Alternator removal

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VR6 Alternator removal

Postby admin » Wed May 10, 2006 12:17 pm

This guide is for replacing a Volkswagen VR6 alternator. This is a general guide and some specifics will be different from model to model. A Corrado is slightly more cramped than the Golf / Jetta, but this method still works the best.

Most important note is to buy a genuine BOSCH alternator for your VW! I have had two other brands fail within months! Buy the BOSCH!

Step 1.
Remove Air Box

Remove the large hose clamps holding on the air intake tube. Remove the PVC hose, and ISV hose from the intake tube if needed.

Remove the air box cover, filter and lower section of the air box. It is held in by thick rubber bands. You'll see them.

Step 2.
Loosen motor mount.

It's way more simple than it sounds! To loosen a Volkswagen VR6 front motor mount, simply remove the three 10mm nuts on the front motor mount from underneath the car. That's it for the front mount!

For the rear mount, simply remove the two 13mm bolts visible directly underneath the throttle body. They are on either side of the rear mount looking down.

Step 3.
Release the serpentine belt tension by tightening down the tension release bolt. Remove the belt.

Step 4.
Raising the VR6 motor

Using a jack and a short 2x4 or 2x6 to protect the oil pan, jack up the motor until there is enough room for the alternator to slide into position where the air box was. The stock VR6 exhaust has enough flexibility to move this much. You do NOT need to remove or loosen any part of the exhaust.

Step 5.
Remove the two bolts holding the alternator to the block. Unplug all cables attached to the alternator. One lead is bolted on. There is a small 6 or 8mm nut holding it on. After all bolts and cables are removed the alternator can slide into the space where the air box belongs, and out of the engine bay.

Step 6.
Installation is reverse of removal. Don't forget to reinstall the motor mount bolts!

A Volkswagen VR6 is a bit more cramped than others, but it's really not that tough to work on. Driving a VR6 makes a little hard work well worth it anyways!

taken from http://www.vwhowto.com/vwhowto/guide-view.cfm/id/72/

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